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68. Preservation of books of accounts, registers, etc. M. VAT RULES


68. Preservation of books of accounts, registers, etc.



Every registered dealer shall preserve all books of accounts, registers and other documents relating to the stocks, purchases, dispatches and deliveries of goods and payments made towards sale or purchase of goods for a period of not less than five years from the expiry of the year to which they relate.
(To rule 68 of the principal rules, the following proviso is added, as per Notification No. VAT-1507/CR-17/Taxation-1 Dt. 31 October 2007)
Provided that where any proceeding have been initiated in respect of any registered dealer within the said period of five years, then the Commissioner may direct the said dealer to preserve the said books of account, registers and other documents, beyond the said period of five years till a final order is passed in respect of the said proceedings.


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